Watson saved a woman with a rare form of leukemia

The AI Watson proved amazing capabilities on helping doctors correctly diagnosing their patients.

In 2016, Watson correctly diagnosed a 60-year-old woman with a rare form of leukemia after she had been incorrectly diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, which is a type of blood cancer.

After the chemotherapy, the doctors noticed that her recovery from the therapy was slower than the expected, made them believe that she had another type of leukemia.



Tokyo’s Institute of Medical Science decided to use the help of AI Watson that later diagnosed the woman with a rare form of leukemia, which was different from the one doctors originally thought.

In only ten minutes, not only Watson identified the disease by cross-referencing the woman´s genetic changes with 20 million cancer research papers as he filtered out what was diagnostically important and excluding hereditary characteristics that were not related to her disease.

This is a very interesting case because it leaves us wondering how the diagnosis will be made in the future. Are we going to continue to trust a doctor who can take several days to make a diagnosis or a robot that gets more accurate information in just a few minutes?




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