Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre (MSKCC) and IBM Watson together for cancer cure

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Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre is a hospital specialized in the treatment of cancer, located in Manhattan, USA, founded in 1884, the world´s largest and oldest private cancer centre. But what becomes Memorial Sloan relevant here is the significant importance that had “training” Watson in the health area. MSKCC´s agreed to collaborate with IBM to improve the research in cancer area after the success of Watson in Jeopardy, transforming this “game show winner” into a life saver. Today, we are a step closer to answer to the question- How to cure cancer? In reality, MSKCC, a place where works approximately 14.000 physicians, scientists, nurses and other staff, trained Watson in the area of cancer, developing an innovative program that is now expanding to hospitals across the USA and the world. One example are the Manipal Hospitals, in India, a country that in a few years will become the most populated country in the world and where 680.000 died of cancer, in 2014, where the ratio is from 1 oncologist to 1600 patients and 60% of population is unable to access quality cancer treatment. Moreover, 70-80% of the people are diagnosed late, which reduces chances of their survival, what can be avoided with Watson because it is faster than the doctors diagnosing diseases and more correct in some situations.

In the presentation video of IBM explaining how Watson works in this area of oncology, is given us the example of Mrs. Yamato, that discover she has a lung cancer. According to her characteristics and her disease, Watson relate her case with similar cases offering to the doctor different treatment options, the reasons why it put that options (evidence button) and the level of confidence. In few seconds, Watson analyses 3469 textbooks, 69 guidelines, 247460 journal articles, 61540 clinical trials, 106054 other clinical documents.  The levels of confidence can be reconsidered because of new events like: do new exams, show her desire to avoid hair loss or new symptoms and it presents new confidence levels that can adapt to her case proving the personalized treatment that Watson allows. This video addresses an important question: the empathy, the emotional intelligence, characteristic of human beings, when she is worried and thinking about how to tell to her children showing the desire to avoid hair loss. In this moment she needs a doctor to comfort her and explain all the possibilities. While Watson do the diagnosis, the doctors can have more time to talk with their patients, improving this essential relation doctor-patient and, because medical data is in an exponential growing, Watson can make better, more personalized and informed decisions.

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If you want more information of how to become a patient at MSKCC visit:


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